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Tigers Women - 2016 Premiers

Toowoomba Tigers closed out an unbeaten season with a dominant win over Goondiwindi in the AFL Darling Downs women's grand final at Heritage Oval.

In wet and muddy conditions on Saturday, Tigers led 22-6 at quarter-time and did not allow Goondiwindi another scoring shot in a superb performance.

Jayde Struhs kicked four goals for Tigers while Mariah Pasfield slotted two in what was a strong performance from her.

The win saw Tigers finish the season undefeated and become the first team in AFL Darling Downs history to claim back-to-back women's titles.

Tigers have also won both flags in the team's two year existence.

TIGERS: Goals: Jayde Struhs 4, Mariah Pasfield 2, Caitlyn Ireland, Maddison McGee, Emily Hewitt.

Best: Pasfield, Hewitt, Nicole Richards, Lauren Jericho, Ireland, Racquelle Sutton.

HAWKS: Goal: Rebecca McMillan.

Best: Mikaela Bell, Bethany McLaughlin, Taylah Spicer, Nicole Edmonds, Carla Finch, Alison Moore

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