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January President's Report

Presidents Report

Footy season is here again everyone, so time to get some info out to you all regarding important information.

First of all, as many of you are now aware due to the activity on Facebook and local media, we have been successful in obtaining a grant of $35000 to install a perimeter fence around Rockville Oval. Along with the pleasing aesthetics this structure will provide, it also puts the idea of hosting a NEAFL match significantly closer. The opportunity for sponsors to promote their services and goods is greatly enhanced, which flows on to providing equipment to our club. Although there is still a long way to go in getting the project to completion, I’d like to thank Nev Jericho for the time he has taken in ensuring that the grant application was completed to such a high level. Thanks Nev!

Sign On Day:

Sign on day for all teams (Seniors & Women’s included) will be held at Rockville Oval on Sunday the 8th of February, from 11am to 2pm. Prior to then, we will have registration forms available for completion and download off our website – we are currently awaiting confirmation of documents from AFLDD. It is a time to come along and meet the coaches, meet old friends and make some new ones. I have had a number of new inquiries this year, so again we are looking towards a really successful 2015. If you are unable to attend sign on day but intend on playing this year, please advise us through our email address –


Being involved in a footy club means volunteering in some way throughout the year. We are extremely lucky at the TAFC to have ALL coaching positions and ALL committee positions filled by hardworking and enthusiastic volunteers. Everyone needs to be aware that all positions are voluntary with no paid positions at our club. I’d ask that throughout the year you volunteer as well where you can. I understand that everyone is busy – even the people who have taken on these roles have lives outside if footy and other commitments as well!!!! I can guarantee that our administrative team and coaching team only want the best for our club so please help them out where you can.

How can you help specifically? All coaches will be seeking managers, first aiders, scoreboard attendants, goal umpires (in junior grades), runners and timekeepers etc. Why not approach them if you are in a positon to help – it does not have to be every week, but it all makes the coach’s job much easier.


Unfortunately we have been unable to secure a volunteer to coordinate the canteen for the year, however I am sure there is someone or a group of people who can take this role on. All families across all grades will be required to perform some time in the canteen throughout the year. In effect we usually only have 8 home matches – so again be sure to get in first at a time that suits you, and if you can help with the coordination, let me know.


Training has started in some cases and will start shortly in other teams. Can I ask that everyone be mindful that cricket season is still on and the Northern Brothers Diggers are the current tenants at Rockville until the 1st of April. No training should be occurring on the pitch area and where possible please keep to the northern end of the ground. If cricket training is occurring during a session, can coaches please speak with the cricket rep and negotiate your session.

Men’s training has started, with sessions on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6p to 7:30 and Sunday sessions from 4:30 to 6p. Contact Scotty HANNON on 0459911150 for more info.

Women’s Training commences on Thursday the 29th of January at 6pm. Contact Nev Jericho on 0408657359 for more details.

Junior preseason Training will commence on the Thursday following sign on day (12th of February) to avoid the usual lag we have after sign on day. Obviously many still are involved in other sports at the moment but this will allow the opportunity for teams to get underway and appoint managers etc.

Jumper Presentation Days:

Junior jumper presentation - Thursday 19th March @ 5pm after a short training session at Rockville

Men’s & Women’s Presentation – Saturday 21st March @ 6pm at Delaceys Hotel

Next General Meeting

Our next general meeting will be held at Rockville Oval on Sunday the 8th of February at 2pm – straight after our sign on day. Everyone is welcome to attend

Up the Tigers!!


President – Toowoomba AFC


Presidents Report

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