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Under 16s - Mid Season Report

The season started with the only expectation being that we needed to field a team in all age groups, including re entering an Under 16 team. It would be fair to say we were struggling with numbers but we managed to pick up a few new boys and had a couple of players return to the club. We set out at the start of the season with no expectation other than fielding a competitive team and building the club for the long term future.

It has been a challenge at times getting the team together but when we focus on the big picture, it has definitely been worth it. We have improved a lot since the start of the year and all the first time players are really getting the knack of playing footy the Tigers way. We have been able to expose a number of the under 14 boys to the under 16’s as well, which will be very valuable looking to next year and beyond. It has given the boys a look at where they need to be next year and they have handled it exceptionally well.

The under 16 boys have really started to play well together and are very competitive most weeks, just being a little undermanned sometimes makes it hard to compete, but the boys never drop their heads and continue to battle away. It simply wouldn’t be possible to single any players out but the improvement of Cain, Chris and Mark in particular has been excellent.

It is pleasing from a club perspective that we have had 3 boys move up and play some senior footy this year as well, this has helped their confidence and helps the boys around them as well, as they are bringing what they learn back to the other boys as well.

We will continue to teach the boys the way to play senior footy and we will continue to encourage all players to learn and improve as they strive for some reward for effort. There is no doubt we will see a number of our juniors progress to senior footy in the next few years and the long term viability of the club is in good hands. It is important though, that all players don’t just sit back and let it happen, we need to continue to encourage and drive them to be the best they can be.

We are very pleased with the efforts of all players and we are definitely proud of the way they perform each week. There is no doubt we will get our first win at some stage, it will be very well deserved when we do.

TAFC Under 16's Coaches - Chewie & Box

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