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Mens match report

Match Report 29/04/17              Toowoomba  v   Coolaroo

Tigers went into this game with their heads up high coming off a win and ready for the challenge ahead. With an exciting number of new players joining the club this year we added a few new players to our round 2 line up including; Jacob Cutmore, Damon Cook, Jayden Ewing, Matthew Brown, and Brad Blackburn all making their debut as Tigers. They all hit the field running and ready to take the game on.

Unfortunately, the Tigers were slow to start with Coolaroo out classing and out running the Tigers to every stoppage in the first half. With Green an unstoppable forward target for Coolaroo kicking 8 goals for the match. After taking the first half to shake the nerves and wake up, the Tigers settled into their own game and started to gain control and hit targets to put further pressure on Coolaroo. The 3rd quarter brought intensity as the Tigers defence stepped up to put tremendous pressure on Coolaroo forcing them to rush and create errors in their game style. With Coolaroo scoring an impressive 12 behinds within the 25-minute period.

The last quarter was by far the best for the Tigers as they were hungry for the footy and their intensity lifted. Leading from the front the Tigers had 4 individual goal scorers in the last quarter to outscore Coolaroo and win the quarter. However, Coolaroo were too classy in the end for the Tigers and won the game by 59 points.

Michael O’Donoghue was sensational all day with his effective ball use and class in defence to be best on ground for the Tigers again. With George Leigh setting the standard as a key forward kicking 2 goals for the match and Billy MacDonald having an impressive game with his attack on the football and ability to leap for a mark.

Exciting times ahead for the Tigers as they are remaining competitive and won’t give up the fight. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the season will bring.

The Tiger Men now face the incredibly challenging task of taking on the 2016 Premiers and currently undefeated University Cougars at their home ground this weekend for the Round 3 Clash.  


Toowoomba AFC Defeated by Coolaroo AFC

8. 6 - 54 to 16. 17 - 113

Best Players: M. O''Donoghue, G. Leigh, W. MacDonald, C. Doherty, M. Brown, M. Gallagher

Goal Scorers: M. Gallagher 2, T. Ballin 2, G. Leigh 2, B. Blackburn, M. Brown.   

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